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Below is a birdsyes view, also referred to as a 45° aerial view, for 1601 DREXEL AVE in Miami Beach, Florida within zip code 33139-7734 and related to Miami-Dade folio 0232340060040. Tap the plus icon in the map to zoom in to isolate to closer traffic and the minus icon out view traffic farther afield.

This is a embedded Google birdseye view (45° view) of 1601 DREXEL AVE, Miami Beach, FL 33139-7734 for Miami-Dade folio #0232340060040. To view other information related to this property including links to its property tax record cards, a link to a property tax comparison web page, access to comparable sales information, TRIM notices, and non-ad valorem assessments; a link to information on other properties in the same zip code, a link to economic data and projections for the zip code in which the property sits, a link to commercial properties listed within the same zip code, a link to a post showing the top buyers of commercial properties, the top sellers of commercial properties, and sales volume (chart) of commercial properties in the same zip code, the year the property was built, the assessed value of the property, the owner of the property with its address, the property's legal description, the adjusted square feet of the property, prior sales amounts with dates, the property's square feet, a map of the property's location, a map of nearby businesses and establishments as a measure of commerce in the area, a current traffic map, and more, view the comprehensive information page for 1601 DREXEL AVE, Miami Beach, FL 33139-7734.

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