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This is an information page only, not a listing. Information on this page was assembled from public records.

Below are addresses of commercial properties located within the Miami area (Miami-Dade county) that share the (owner's) mailing address of NA.

The Properties:

This is is an information page only, not a listing.

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The above listed properties share (or at least have recently shared) the owner's mailing address of NA. Frequently, when properties share an owner's mailing address, they have overlapping underlying ownership, in most cases with an LLC or corporation as the owning entity. Below the listed properties that share an owner's mailing address are links to search in Google, Google Maps, and Bing for this (NA) address.

Interested in a property listed here? Perhaps you are interested in whether this property might be for sale or at least could be acquired at a price that would make sense for you or are just interested in the property for comparison or window shopping purposes. These pages are informational pages only about the commercial properties profiled. If you have an interest in a commercial property of any kind, whether to purchase it or otherwise, contact James Hawkins:

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