Service Oriented Creative Competency with a Large Dose of Responsiveness

Let James Hawkins help you with buying, selling, or leasing commercial property. James experience and competency will enhance any commercial real estate transaction process.

Looking to sell a commercial property? James will do more to properly present your property to the market, then competently work with buyers to bring a transaction to a closing. Are you instead looking to buy or lease? James will access multiple resources to identify suitable properties, on and off market. Further, James has developed a proprietary tool for soliciting owners of non-listed properties with matching characteristics.

As for responsiveness – a common complaint heard about competing industry professionals – James always quickly responds to calls, emails, and messages, immediately when possible, understanding that doing so it the bread and butter of his professional life. Possessing a deep respect and sincere admiration for the put-their-money-where-their-mouth-is competency of commercial real estate investors, James understands that the customer is the boss and that he is but an advisor, albeit an important one.

Just look at this website. Consider the vast resources available within it. This is not normal; it is special. The person behind this website is the person you want behind you as you negotiate your commercial real estate sales, purchase, and leasing transactions.

A Truly Massive Assemblage of Resources for Commercial Property Investing

Around this site, you’ll find all kinds of resources useful to, if not necessary for, commercial real estate investment. Among the resources you can find here are: detailed information about commercial properties, accessible via pages that list properties for each Miami area zip code; commercial properties listed for sale; office condos for sale; off-market / non-MLS listings (the only of its kind); demographics and economic data by zip code, by city, and for the county as a whole; top buyers and sellers reports like this one for zip code 33130; sales and leasing pricing and volume trend charts for each property type by Miami area city; commercial property reports by property type for Miami-Dade county; commercial property sales news; top Miami commercial real estate headlines. Considered in the aggregate, this site offers, by far, more information about Miami commercial property than any other freely accessible site.



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