Industrial Condo Listings

Industrial Park Approximate/General Address Listed
1 Tamiami Center13801 SW 142 AVE1
13113350 SW 131 ST0
132 Crossroads Business Center13210 SW 132 AVE0
132 Warehouse12250 SW 132 CT0
137th Street Business Park14855 SW 137 ST0
138th Street Business Park10810 NW 138 ST0
138th Street Commercial Park10850 NW 138 ST0
1660 Warehouse1660 W 40 ST0
1675 Plaza1675 NW 97 AVE0
1710-11 Warehouse1710 W 41 ST0
1717 Warehouse1751 W 40 ST0
1750 Warehouse1750 W 41 ST1
1760 Warehouse1760 W 41 ST A0
23rd Avenue Warehouse2203 NW 23 AVE0
2770 Warehouse2770 W 2 AVE0
380 Warehouse5972 NE 4 AVE0
4001 Warehouse4001 W 18 AVE0
41-18 Warehouse1776 W 41 ST0
4101 Warehouse4101 E 10 LN0
43rd Street Less/Les Industrial6965 NW 43 ST0
50th Street Commercial6991 NW 50 ST0
53rd Terrace6971 NW 53 TER0
69th Street381 NE 69 ST0
70th Ave Warehouse1330 SW 70 AVE0
74th Street6900 NW 74 ST0
75 West Commerce Center2631 W 81 ST1
76 West Warehouse2671 W 76 ST0
7900 Warehouse7900 W 25 AVE0
79th Ave Commercial2901 NW 79 AVE0
8040-60 Warehouse8040 NW 33 ST0
81St Street Level3709 NW 81 ST0
826 Business Center7705 NW 29 ST0
9500 Comercial9500 NW 77 AVE0
A and N Commercial6791 NW 87 AVE0
A V Warehouses243 W 28 ST0
Adana6500 NW 82 AVE0
Adrianbuilders At Tamiami Airport11800 SW 144 CT1
Adrianbuilders Commerce13400 SW 134 AVE1
Aero Court Commerical1101 SE 9 CT0
Air and Port Intl10830 NW 27 ST0
Airport14103 SW 142 AVE0
Airport East Commerce Park4201 NW 37 AVE0
Airport Industrial Center Warehouse3300 NW 79 AVE1
Airport Lake Warehouse2000 NW 94 AVE0
Airport Park At Tamiair14260 SW 142 ST0
Airport South Commerce Center13301 NW 47 AVE1
Airport Trade Center7201 NW 46 ST1
Airways Centre3301 NW 82 AVE4
Airways International Centercondo1700 NW 96 AVE0
Aitport 43rd Street Center6901 NW 43 ST0
Akron1760 W 33 PL0
ALCP9381 NW 13 ST0
Alexandra Warehouse Industrial10750 NW 138 ST1
Alexte Warehouses13551 SW 135 AVE0
Allesib Warehouse2344 NW 21 TER0
Alluda8726 NW 119 ST0
Amalfi Warehouse11965 SW 142 TER0
Andaro Industrial Park2500 NW 38 ST0
Any Season14151 SW 143 CT0
Arlington Commercial Park12952 NW 42 AVE0
Artchips250 NE 60 ST0
Ashley International Trade Center3705 NW 115 AVE0
Ashley Intl Trade Center3705 NW 115 AVE0
Aspen Place1675 W 31 PL0
Ausco Warehouse7101 NW 74 ST0
Ausco Warehouse Co7101 NW 74 ST0
Banyan Corporate Center10811 NW 122 ST0
Banyan Village At Dolphin Commerce Center2005 NW 115 AVE0
Bapjar13393 SW 131 ST0
Beacon Warehouse8450 NW 30 TER0
Bella Vista Industrial Park1695 W 39 PL A0
Bella Vista Plaza Warehouse1631 W 38 PL1
Belvar12050 SW 131 AVE0
Benjamin Industrial7901 NW 66 ST1
Berol545 W 28 ST0
Big Ben Commerce Center4600 NW 74 AVE0
Bird Industrial4240 SW 73 AVE0
Bird Wingate Warehouse4310 SW 73 AVE0
Biscayne Corner Commerce Center1480 NE 131 ST0
Blue Star I2028 NW 22 AVE0
Brothers Two5975 NW 82 AVE0
Building D10330 SW 187 ST1
Business Center At International1315 NW 98 CT BAY2
Business Park on the Palmetto16600 NW 54 AVE2
C L A S11890 NW 87 CT0
C P and B Industrial Warehouse2376 NW 21 TER0
C W Gables6535 NW 84 AVE0
Calero Warehouse7215 NW 41 ST0
Caribbean Warehouse Center6905 NW 52 ST0
Central Commercial2501 NW 74 AVE0
Cocoplum Commercial Center4444 SW 71 AVE0
Colorama Industrial Park2415 W 80 ST0
Commercial Center of Miami6043 NW 167 ST5
Concepcion Warehouses1300 SW 70 AVE0
Conprest2330 NW 102 AVE0
Coral Business Center13331 SW 131 ST0
Coral Gardens Corporate Center12571 SW 134 CT0
Coral South Office Warehouse10871 SW 188 ST1
Corinto Industrial Park7301 SW 45 ST0
Corsons Warehouse10835 SW 188 ST0
Costa Corporate Centre3301 NW 97 AVE2
Crossings Business Center12101 SW 131 AVE1
Crown Lakes Business Park1520 NW 89 CT0
Crown Park7953 NW 64 ST0
Crown Park At Miami Lakes14072 NW 82 AVE0
DCP6000 NW 97 AVE0
Deerwood Commons13901 SW 119 AVE0
Dele Warehouse2761 W 78 ST0
Devonaire Com Center Iv12459 SW 130 ST0
Diro Industrial2140 W 73 ST0
Dolphin Park Of Commerce1825 NW 112 AVE9
Doral Acre Industrial9550 NW 38 ST0
Doral Business Park8200 NW 30 TER0
Doral Corner8150 NW 33 ST0
Doral Edge Corp Park5960 NW 99 AVE0
Doral Edge West5981 NW 102 AVE0
Doral Flex II7311 NW 12 ST0
Doral Impact Ctr Warehouse9450 NW 58 ST0
Doral North Business Center10181 NW 58 ST 1A0
Doral Palms Business Park6010 NW 99 AVE2
Doral Parkway2601 NW 89 CT0
Doral Trade Center3500 NW 115 AVE0
Doral Warehouse 282841 NW 107 AVE0
Dreams 21M248 NE 62 ST0
Dutton Warehouse250 W 79 PL0
Dynamic Warehouses2550 W 84 ST0
Eagle East12915 SW 132 AVE0
Eagle Industrial Park6401 NW 84 AVE0
Eagle Park8251 NW 64 ST2
Eagle West13301 SW 135 AVE0
Eany Investment238 NW 9 AVE0
East Medley Business Park8125 NW 74 AVE0
El Doral Office2441 NW 93 AVE0
ESA Building12860 NW SOUTH RIVER DR0
Essington Industrial7901 NW 67 ST1
Eureka Commercial Park10445 SW 184 TER0
Evergreen South13644 SW 142 AVE0
Evergreen West13610 SW 142 AVE0
F M G Industrial8010 W 23 AVE0
Finger Lake1650 NW 95 AVE0
First Industrial Commerce Center12601 NW 115 AVE0
Flexspace At Doral West Park10418 NW 31 TER0
Flightway At Doral West10203 NW 62 ST0
Flightway Business Park2741 NW 82 AVE0
Flightway Commerce Park6300 NW 97 AVE0
Flightway Corporate Park3505 NW 82 AVE0
Flightway International Park6300 NW 99 AVE2
Flightway Park Warehouse2875 NW 82 AVE0
Flightway West13431 NW 19 LN0
Floman Industrial7220 NW 79 TER0
Florida Bay4689 SW 71 AVE0
Florida Bay Business Center6986 SW 47 ST0
Florida Tamiair Warehouse14201 SW 139 CT0
Formative2104 W 62 ST0
Fourplex At 84th Avenue6392 NW 84 AVE0
FS3 Building11501 NW 107 ST0
Galenus Complex13656 SW 142 AVE0
Garden Villas Commercial Park2950 W 84 ST0
Gardens Industrial Park9190 NW 119 TER0
Gateway Corporate Plaza15420 SW 136 ST1
Gateway Office/Tech Park4901 SW 74 CT1
Gateway Park10775 NW 21 ST0
Gateway Warehouse4703 SW 74 AVE0
Geronimo Park Warehouse12901 SW 133 CT0
Golden Glades Commerce Park17401 NW 2 AVE0
Golden Star255 W 27 ST0
Gonlyon Industrial Park7920 NW 67 ST0
Grand Turning Point Business16575 SW 117 AVE0
Greenwich Business Center13311 SW 132 AVE0
GT12501 SW 134 CT0
Guru Warehouse2300 NW 102 PL0
Hafif Industrial Warehouse10900 NW 138 ST0
Halmir Industrial4570 E 10 LN0
Harbie Center10200 NW 25 ST1
Hemisphere Centre3000 NW 82 AVE0
Hialeah Commerce Plaza1651 W 37 ST0
Hialeah Gardens 4211750 NW 87 PL0
Hialeah Gardens Industrial12901 W OKEECHOBEE RD0
Hialeah Pointe2699 W 79 ST0
Hometown Business Center12300 SW 133 CT0
Hometown Business Center II16205 SW 117 AVE0
I-75 Commerce Park3100 W 84 ST0
Iber Warehouse7520 NW 8 ST0
Ideal Center10750 SW 188 ST0
IMG Strongarm And Executive2631 W 79 ST0
Impact Center At Doral Commpk9831 NW 58 ST1
Industry One8021 NW 66 ST0
Intaco Commercial Center5605 NW 74 AVE0
Inter-Amer Industrialists8150 NW 67 ST0
Interamericas Industrial Plaza5220 NW 72 AVE0
International Commerce Park7725 W 26 AVE0
International Corporate Park9990 NW 14 ST0
International Trade Business Center1650 NW 94 AVE0
International Trade Center2470 NW 102 PL0
Ives Dairy Commerce Center20101 NE 16 PL0
J P D Industrial Park13510 NW 107 AVE0
JMAR Industrial Park1901 NW 108 AVE0
JMN Industrial Warehouse2285 W 80 ST0
Kape Industrial Park Warehouse3057 W 80 ST0
Kelly Commercial Center13375 SW 128 ST0
Kendaire13450 SW 129 ST0
Kendall Commerce Center12355 SW 129 CT0
Kendall Commerce Park16300 SW 137 AVE0
Kendall Crossings Business Center13000 SW 120 ST0
Kendall Crossings Commerce Warehouse Center12252 SW 131 AVE1
Kendall Forest Business Park12360 SW 132 CT0
Kendall Industrial Center Warehouse14074 SW 142 AVE0
Kendall Park Commercial12159 SW 132 CT2
Kendall Pines12925 SW 134 CT0
Kendall Pines Business Center12000 SW 132 CT0
Kendall Pines Commerce Center12200 SW 132 CT0
Kendallwood Commercial12351 SW 128 CT3
Keyes-Kanter-Parker Warehouse14258 SW 139 CT0
Lake Pointe4970 SW 72 AVE0
Lakes Edge Commercial9000 NW 15 ST0
Lakeside Business Center1900 NW 79 AVE0
Lakeside Commercial Center13130 SW 128 ST0
Lakeside West13150 SW 130 TER0
Lakeview Centre11379 NW 122 ST0
Lakeview Commercial9440 NW 12 ST0
Le Jeune Commercial/Industrial Center13081 NW 43 AVE0
Lejeune Douglas Commercial Center12434 NW 38 AVE0
Lemon City335 NE 61 ST0
Leonor Industrial Park13715 SW 139 CT0
Letoga Industrial8760 SW 133 ST0
Libertella Commerce Center15075 SW 137 ST0
Lira Commerce Center2111 NW 139 ST0
Lo-Gar7200 NW 77 ST0
Long Green Warehouse1651 W 40 ST0
Longman Properties7230 NW 66 ST0
Luna One 3013155 SW 123 AVE0
M and Q Warehouses6991 NW 51 ST0
M and R277 NE 61 ST0
Maco Commerce Center13001 NW 107 AVE0
Maco Industrial2145 W 73 ST0
Maco Industrial II12815 NW 45 AVE0
Magini Warehouse12251 SW 129 CT0
Mara Plaza2451 NW 109 AVE0
Maribel Warehouses7531 NW 70 ST0
Marina Lake Commercial7200 SW 48 ST1
Marj Holdings7760 W 20 AVE1
Marlin Commercial Park10655 SW 190 ST0
Marlin Road10751 SW 188 ST0
Marlin Road Trade Center10650 SW 186 LN1
Marsal Warehouse8485 NW 54 ST0
Marta Warehouse11899 NW 91 AVE0
Martina Warehouses10732 SW 186 ST0
Maru3015 NW 74 AVE0
Mccormick Warehouse7951 W 25 CT0
Medley Commercial Warehouse9001 NW 97 TER0
Medley Industrial Park7801 NW 72 AVE0
Medley Plantation8171 NW 91 TER0
Mercy Industrial Warehouse2672 W 77 PL0
Mermac Warehouse Development12209 NW 106 CT0
Metro Warehouses 44120200 NW 2 AVE0
Metro West Park8270 NW 66 ST0
Miami Air/West Trade Center5500 NW 72 AVE0
Miami Airport Center7500 NW 25 ST0
Miami Airport Warehouses and Office7320 NW 12 ST0
Miami Lakes Business Center15203 NW 60 AVE0
Miami Mart Plaza7280 NW 7 ST0
Milam 31 Expo Center3100 MILAM DAIRY RD1
Milam Airport Park7150 NW 50 ST0
Milam Commercial Center7035 SW 47 ST0
Milam Trade Center7301 NW 61 ST0
Milam Warehouse7251 NW 12 ST0
Miliam-Dairy Industrial7305 NW 66 ST0
Mirandas Corner Warehouse4600 NW 133 ST0
Montano Warehouse7833 NW 55 ST0
Morningside Commerce Center319 NE 59 TER0
Mowry Bays512 W MOWRY DR0
Neca Industrial2020 W 73 ST0
Nelrominium Assoc Inc2551 W 3 AVE2
Next Business Center13100 SW 134 ST0
Nicoles Ind Warehouse2205 W 80 ST4
Nima Commerce Park7700 W 24 AVE0
Northpark12250 SW 129 CT0
NW 51St Street Warehouse3771 NW 51 ST0
Ola Commerce Park14252 SW 140 ST0
Olympia Industrial Inc7328 NW 79 TER0
Opa Locka Park2305 NW 149 ST0
Opa Locka Warehouse14610 NW 26 AVE0
Outwest Business Park10801 NW 29 ST0
P R4645 E 10 CT0
Palmetto Center4960 NW 165 ST1
Palmetto Comm Properties2111 W 60 ST0
Palmetto Commerce Center7735 NW 64 ST0
Palmetto Commercial6000 NW 84 AVE0
Palmetto Commercial Park8001 W 26 AVE0
Palmetto Commercial Properties2113 W 60 ST0
Palmetto Commercial Warehouses1701 W 37 ST0
Palmetto Distribution Facility3400 NW 74 AVE0
Palmetto Doral Industrial Park3000 NW 79 AVE0
Palmetto Expressway Business Park4700 NW 167 ST0
Palmetto Extra Commercial2160 W 80 ST0
Palmetto Industrial8410 NW 61 ST0
Palmetto Industrial Park7850 NW 62 ST0
Palmetto Lakes Plaza8012 W 21 AVE0
Palmetto Palms Park7600 NW 63 ST0
Palmetto Place7750 NW 71 ST1
Palmetto West Park7701 NW 46 ST3
Palmetto West Warehouse7870 NW 64 ST0
Palmwood Commerce Center7236 SW 42 TER0
Parco Industrial Tamiami14075 SW 143 CT0
Park Center/Centre Business Park1001 PARK CENTRE BLVD0
Park Place Of Kendall13382 SW 128 ST1
Park West Business Center13370 SW 131 ST1
Parkfront Commercial Center13170 SW 128 ST1
Parkside Plaza13300 SW 128 ST0
Parkview Commercial Center12300 SW 132 CT0
Parkwest9900 NW 21 ST0
Perrine Industrial Park10470 SW 184 TER0
Pharmed Park3043 NW 107 AVE0
Piazza Commercial Warehouse8090 W 23 AVE0
Pinecrest Commercial Center12301 SW 132 CT1
Pineland Preserve Center13435 SW 128 ST0
Pines Commerce Center Whr12147 SW 131 AVE0
Pineview At Kendall12401 SW 134 CT0
Plazawest3037 NW 82 AVE1
Policot1800 W 8 AVE0
Prime West Business Park1550 NW 108 AVE0
Propesa Warehouse12300 SW 131 AVE0
Quail Roost Business Centre10379 SW 186 ST0
Quail Roost Commerce Center10650 SW 186 ST1
Quail Roost Warehouse10440 SW 184 TER0
Quality Plaza Warehouse1655 W 39 PL0
R J L Industrial7900 NW 67 ST0
Rama1701 W 39 PL0
Ray-R7901 W 25 CT0
Raymond Industrial Park13365 SW 135 AVE0
Reca8880 NW 24 TER0
Red Road Business Center5725 NW 151 ST0
Redland Park402 NW 10 AVE0
Regalo Warehouse1925 W 76 ST0
Resa Warehouse1665 W 39 PL0
Romir Inc12101 NW 98 AVE1
Roro1421 NW 165 ST0
Royal Commerce Center5921 NW 176 ST0
Royal Palm Commerce Plaza2075 W 76 ST0
Royal Poinciana Industrial Park6005 NW 87 AVE0
Sakhil Center At Doral3300 NW 112 AVE0
Sanper4701 NW 72 AVE1
Sarlam10461 NW 36 ST0
Seminole I-75 Warehouses2450 W 82 ST1
Serenity Lake Warehouse13791 NW 19 AVE0
Sherece Warehouse14110 SW 142 ST0
Shores Commerce Center12200 SW 129 CT0
Six Ave Warehouse212 SW 6 AVE2
Snowmass3010 W 16 AVE0
So Miami Business Center4651 SW 72 AVE1
Somirco Industrial2841 SW 69 CT0
Sorrento Industrial Park7901 NW 64 ST0
South Dade Business Centre16115 SW 117 AVE0
South Miami Business Center7100 SW 47 ST0
South Milam Warehouses7105 SW 47 ST0
South River Rock Office10660 NW 123 STREET RD0
South Tamiami Airport Park13850 SW 143 CT0
Southaire14395 SW 139 CT1
Southland Commerce Center19101 SW 108 AVE0
Springer Warehouse2741 W 78 ST0
SRG Warehouse12600 SW 130 ST0
St Warehouse Center1775 W 39 PL0
Subarno9500 NW 12 ST0
Sunset Palmetto Park6800 NW 77 CT0
SW Mini Storages12461 SW 130 ST0
Tamair Commercial Center14260 SW 136 ST0
Tamair Industrial Park14220 SW 142 AVE0
Tami-Southern14360 SW 139 CT0
Tamiair Commercial Park14291 SW 142 ST0
Tamiair Industrial Park14025 SW 142 AVE1
Tamiair Warehouses13989 SW 142 ST1
Tamiami Airport Warehouse13879 SW 140 ST0
Tamiami Business Center14021 SW 143 CT0
Tamiami Commerce Center14397 SW 143 CT1
Tamiami Commercenter13501 SW 128 ST1
Tamiami Corporate Centre13605 SW 149 AVE0
Tamiami Glory12801 SW 134 CT1
Tamiami Industrial Park13275 SW 136 ST0
Tamiami Pineland Commerce Ctr12100 SW 132 CT1
Tamiami Tech Center14200 SW 136 ST0
Tamiami Warehouse6915 NW 50 ST0
Tamiami Warehouse Plaza14324 SW 142 AVE0
Terranova Warehouse #252305 W 77 ST0
Terranova Warehouse No 242240 W 78 ST0
The Best Milam Dairy5451 NW 72 AVE0
The Breeze Center10601 NW 122 ST0
The Business Center At Intl1335 NW 98 CT0
The Business Center At Intl Corp1325 NW 98 CT0
The Centre At Beacon North2905 NW 87 AVE0
The Coco Building11450 NW 34 ST0
The Palms Industrial Park480 W 84 ST0
The Saelices5000 NW 74 AVE0
The Village At Beacon Lakes1970 NW 129 AVE0
The Warehouse4805 SW 75 AVE0
Tierra Commerce Center3401 NW 48 ST0
Titi1885 NW 21 ST0
Town Miami Centre A Comm13700 SW 145 CT0
Tradegate Park2600 NW 112 AVE0
Tradezone Distribution Center2700 NW 112 AVE0
Trojan Park1004 W 23 ST0
Trow Warehouse2400 W 84 ST0
Tunja Industrial7083 NW 50 ST0
Tuscany Warehouse13800 SW 142 AVE0
Victory Reef Warehouses8721 SW 129 ST0
View At Doral5101 NW 79 AVE0
Village West2905 NW 82 AVE1
Vision Warehouse2311 W 78 ST0
VP Warehouse West10800 NW 21 ST1
Walker Avenue Commercial Center17304 WALKER AVE1
Warecondo8420 NW 56 ST0
Warehouse7351 NW 7 ST0
Warehouse 22932293 W 76 ST0
West 23rd St Warehouse970 W 23 ST0
West 26th Street Warehouse669 W 26 ST0
West 27th St/6th Ave Warehouse2740 W 6 AVE0
West 32nd/33rd Place Warehouse1680 W 33 PL1
West Airport Palms Business Park2355 NW 70 AVE 11
West Dade Business Center10401 NW 28 ST0
West End Business Park11431 NW 34 ST0
West Hialeah Industrial1770 W 40 ST0
West Hialeah Industrial Center1516 W 41 ST0
West Industrial Park1680 W 38 PL0
Westland Industrial Park711 W 16 ST0
Westside Industrial8339 NW 54 ST0
Westwood Business Center2200 NW 102 AVE0
Z4 Commerce Center6590 SW 47 ST0

* Address shown in many cases is only an address within the industrial park, not the address for the entire property.