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Video: WeWork, the Numbers

Nov 20, 2019 - Co-Working - 0 Comments - Standard

Even after hipster charismatic CEO Adam Neumann’s rather spectacular ouster, WeWork continues to be one of the most talked about companies in the business world, particularly in any involved with office properties. This video runs through the most telling statistics of WeWork’s fall from grace. They note WeWork was recently taken over by SoftBank at […]

Video: PwC Workforce Strategy Lead Bhushan Sethi Discusses the Impact of the Sharing Economy on CRE

Jul 22, 2019 - Co-Working, Office Property - 0 Comments - Standard

Bhushan Sethi, Workforce Strategy Lead with PwC, joins America’s Commercial Real Estate Show to discuss how the flexible talent economy, – the gig economy – is affecting the commercial real estate industry. He begins by talking about the balance, essentially, between community ambiance and its talent ppol, versus cost. They go on to discuss the […]

Yardi Kube Regional Manager, Coworking Discusses Trends

Jul 16, 2019 - Co-Working, Office Property - 0 Comments - Standard

Warren Hersowitz of Yardi Kube joins Michael of America’s Commercial Real Estate Show in Studio One to discuss coworking trends and how they’re affecting office real estate property today. He talks about how buildings are incorporating coworking in buildings, using the concept to increase rent per square foot. Contibuting technologies are discusses, particularly for large […]