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Video: RealPage Senior Manager Market Analytics Carl Whitaker Updates on Multifamily Performance, Forecast

Nov 02, 2022 - Multifamily Property - 0 Comments - Standard

Carl Whitaker, Senior Manager Market Analytics with RealPage, joins America’s Commercial Real Estate Show host Michael Bull to share recent performance variances as well as projections for (multifamily) performance and cap rates going forward. This is the latest in an ongoing series of discussions over time by Carl on multifamily properties. All the disruption over […]

Video: Real Page’s Carl Whitaker; Multifamily Keeps Rolling?

Mar 17, 2022 - Multifamily Property - 0 Comments - Standard

Carl Whitaker, Senior Manager –  Market Analytics with Real Page, joins America’s Commercial Real Estate Show to discuss the current state and future of the multifamily sector. Carl starts by noting that rent growth is near 20%  year over year nationally. He moves on to note that occupancy is running 97% and even increased from […]

Video: Why Buy a $534 Million Multifamily Portfolio Today?

Dec 15, 2021 - Multifamily Property - 0 Comments - Standard

In this video Kip Sowden, CEO of RREAF Holdings, is interviewed regrding why RREAF, alongside DLP Capital and 3650 REIT, just acquired 21 communities totaling 4,014 units. Discussions include acquisition and exit cap rates, affordability, financing, secondary markets, migration, construction costs, and value add opportunities. This is a great discussion about a real multifamily trade.

Video: RealPage Market Analytics Senior Manager Carl Whitaker on Multifamily Opportunities and Forecast

Nov 05, 2021 - Multifamily Property - 0 Comments - Standard

Could central business district multifamily performance be the canary in the coal mine for primary markets? How have eviction moratoriums, rising construction costs, and supply issues impacted the multifamily proeprty market? What should multifamily investors expect in the future for performance and cap rates? These questions and others related to investing in apartment/multifamily properties are […]

Video: Integra CEO Anthony Graziano Discusses Their Viewpoint 2020 Reports: Office; Retail; Industrial; Multifamily; Hospitality

Apr 21, 2020 - Industrial, Lodging, Multifamily Property, Office Property, Retail Properties - 0 Comments - Standard

Office, Retail, and Industrial: Multifamily and Hospitality: The CEO and Chairman of Integra Realty Resources, Anthony Graziano, appears on a commercial real estate show to discuss his firm’s (Integra’s) annual Viewpoint report. Topics include economist’s perspective on the economy, local and national market growth, and expected performance for the major commercial sectors. This is presented […]

Video: National Apartment Association’s Paula Munger Provides Multifamily Update, Discusses Rent Control Effects

Dec 04, 2019 - Multifamily Property - 0 Comments - Standard

Paula Munger, Assistant Vice President of Industry Research with the National Apartment Association, joins America’s Commercial Real Estate Show to discuss some current trends in the multifamily property market. Also discussed are some of the more important legislative issues for apartment properties today, in particular rent control. Also discussed is data they have on their […]

Video: Architecture, Engineering, and Design firm Stevens & Wilkonson Chairman Ron Stang Discusses Mixed-use Development in Multifamily Today

Sep 30, 2019 - Multifamily Property - 0 Comments - Standard

 In this episode, Ron Stang, Chairman of Stevens and Wilkonson, joins the show’s host Michael Bull to discuss the multifamily property sector, including cycle outlook, generational drivers in the market, new technology for multifamily, issues with affordability, density conditions impacting multifamily, mixed-use development, adaptive reuses, workforce housing, and multifamily construction costs. The conversation revolves […]

RentCafe July Rent Report Shows Multifamily Rent Growth Slowing; Miami Shows Largest Increase in South Florida

Aug 19, 2019 - Multifamily Property - 0 Comments - Standard

The complete report can be viewed here. Some highlight relevant to Miami and South Florida overall include: The usual suspects open the list of the most expensive areas to rent in South Florida. In July, Fort Lauderdale rents have reached $1,948, and those in Miramar, $1,886. Davie is rapidly catching up, with rents averaging $1,829, […]

Video: RealPage Market Analysis Manager Carl Whitaker Provides Multifamily Outlook

Jul 11, 2019 - Multifamily Property - 0 Comments - Standard

 Carl Whitaker, Manager of Market Analytics with RealPage, providing property management software solutions for the commercial real estate industry, joins the host of America’s Commercial Real Estate Show to discuss the multifamily market, including investment performance, supply, and rent growth. A chart is displayed showing growth of supply, dominated by the western United States, […]

Miami Rent Levels Above National Average; Hialeah the Exception

Jun 07, 2019 - Multifamily Property - 0 Comments - Standard

The April Rent Report issued by RentCafe shows Miami rent levels as above the national average, except for the submarkets within it of Pompano Beach and Hialeah. Rents across the United States saw an upwards move of 3% versus last year to an average of $1,436 per month. As area multifamily investors are gleefully aware, […]

Video: May 2019 Multifamily Update by RealPage Deputy Chief Economist and VP of Asset Optimization Jay Parsons

May 31, 2019 - Multifamily Property - 0 Comments - Standard

 Deputy Chief Economist and VP of Asset Optimization at Real Page Jay Parson discusses the multifamily property market, touching on topics like rent growth, urban vs suburban multifamily trends and observations, construction costs, and apartment supply levels. He talks about the wide difference today between class A and class B properties, with a 40% […]

Video: Crown Bay Group Managing Partner Steve Firestone Provides an Operator’s Perspective on Class C Multifamily Investing

May 10, 2019 - Multifamily Property - 0 Comments - Standard

Steve Firestone, Managing Partner with Crown Bay Group, joins Michael in Studio One to discuss tips for managing and investing in C-Class apartment properties also referred to as workforce housing. Crown Bay Group typically has 200 to 400 C+ to B- multifamily housing. He notes that they’ve seen great rent growth in recent years. He […]

Video: Bainbridge EVP & COO Discusses Multifamily Development Opportunities

Apr 02, 2019 - Multifamily Property - 0 Comments - Standard

 Kevin Keane, Executive Vice President and COO with the multifamily developer Bainbridge Companies, joins Michael on America’s Commercial Real Estate Show via Skype to discuss opportunities in multifamily development, construction costs, and lender sentiment.  Bainbridge develops “basically along I-95,” from Miami to New Jersey. He discusses how construction costs, particularly materials and labor, are […]

Video: Discussion of Multifamily and Housing from Expectations and Market Realities Outlook Report of NAR, Deloitte, & Situs RERC

Mar 23, 2019 - Multifamily Property - 0 Comments - Standard

 Observations and expectations related to multifamily and housing as discussed in the report, Market Expectations and Realities, a combined effort of NAR, Deloitte, and Situs RERC, are discussed, The discussion is held by George Ratiu, Director of Quantitative & Commercial Research with the National Association of Realtors® (NAR). He talks about the continued strength in […]

Video: An Updated on Multifamily Finance from Grandbridge Real Estate Capital SVP Tom Walsh

Mar 05, 2019 - Financing, Multifamily Property - 0 Comments - Standard

Tom Walsh, SVP of Grandbridge Real Estate Capital LLC, joins this commercial real estate video cast to talk about how multifamily properties are performing ,lender sentiment for financing such properties, and expectations for the multifamily financing environment, including interest rates, in 2019. He notes that multifamily financing remains “very much of a Fannie and Freddie […]