Selling: Features, Benefits, and Advantages of Working with Us to Sell Your Miami Commercial Property

Even the best properties don’t get top dollar unless they are properly presented to the market.

With everything we do, we endeavor to be client-centric in our approach, asking ourselves at every turn how we might best apply our energy, expertise, and contacts to add value for our customers.  Acting as expert advisors, we strive to make things easier for our customers, smoother, less frustrating, more confident in the process, and more effective.  This involves a combination of marketing, technical expertise, and skillful negotiating.

Offering Memorandum Samples

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Marketing begins with the preparation of an institutional style offering memorandum (view samples) with relevant detailed specifics of the property.  These typically include square footage, zoning, floor plans, properly formatted financial statements, hypothetical return calculations, maps, demographics, traffic reports, and more. These documents generally run to around 30 pages, and are made with an effort diligently strive to point out things about the property that make it unique, appreciating their “curb appeal” effect on business minded commercial property buyers.

Online Marketing

Marketing also entails effectively publishing the availability of the property. Whereas some brokers may only publish a property internally only, or publish on one or two but not all of the three major commercial real estate listing platforms, we publicize a property’s availability at every opportunity as long as it is consistent with a seller’s directives.  We list properties in all major platforms, Costar, MLS, and Loopnet. At least equally important, we do so effectively, describing the property accurately and with appropriate detail but in a manner so as to maximize views and inquiries and thus, in turn, buyers, and listing as a premium listing in Loopnet. Plus, we promote listings within this site, likely the most trafficked site related to commercial property in Miami aside from Loopnet. When we’ve gone back and looked at the data for a listing that ended (it sold), we found that this site had pageviews of the listings details equal to 37% what is generated by the LoopNet premium advertisement. To owner knowege this is unique; no competitor can claim this.

Technical expertise, experience in skills related to every part of commercial real estate sales, helps at every stage of the process.  An intuitive understanding of the business of commercial real estate, how returns are derived and calculated, what affects them, how and to what degree, helps in the presentation of properties as well as in the negotiation process. Hawkins knows business. He was a top financial advisor for nearly two decades with Morgan Stanley, earning the title of Senior Vice President – Investments and Senior Portfolio Manager and membership in its most elite Chairman’s Council. He has founded, developed, bought, and sold businesses involved in web marketing, mobiles apps, retail, specialty finance, and maintenance services. All of these activities contributed to a honing of his natural proclivity for financial concepts and an ability to communicate them effectively. Commercial property owners generally know their stuff.  Discussions with a broker that speaks the same language, that understands the concepts, that thinks like a businessperson, is of considerable value to the process, and is unusual for the profession.

Most industry professionals would say there is an important digital component to marketing today. We would call that an understatement, as a reference to it as merely one component simply doesn’t given it just due. The fact is, many times the first exposure to a property is online. In this area, Hawkins’s technological skills and entrepreneurial spirit once again set him apart from the pack. To our knowledge, he has developed the most comprehensive – among the most trafficked if not the most trafficked – web and mobile sites related to Miami area commercial real estate. He has created and maintains – again to our knowledge – the only Miami area web and mobile site with commercial MLS listings that can be filtered by property type, square footage, and lot square footage. He developed and maintains the only proper off-market database we know of in the area, and the only one actually structured to attract buyers from the public, notably linked from this site’s massive trove of listings and data. Further, Hawkins is surely the most prolific poster on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook relative to Miami area commercial real estate, posting thousands of times per year on of these platforms. All of these activities mutually reinforce each other to result in a web and mobile presence that is dominant.

Deal Striking. An Art Form in Itself.

No commercial deal is simple. Each one is highly dynamic, with all kinds of factors affecting it, and with parties whose objectives seldom align even on term structure, let alone price where their interests are clearly directly opposed. As you might imagine, not everyone is good at this. To be effective, one has to know when to listen, when to speak, what to say, how to say it, when to stall, when to nudge, and perhaps most of all how to create solutions. Technical expertise and communication skills must combine to reach terms that work for both a buyer and seller whose only shared interest is that they desire to make a deal on a property.

We diligently work to move the process along, keeping all the parties talking until a deal is made. When a buyer is interested, we do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible for him or her.  If they have a broker less accustomed to the nuances of commercial real estate, we help them along, guiding them to resources they can utilize to help their customer close on your property. Simply put, we get deals one.

Go with a proven leader.

We don’t simply list properties on services; we actively market them, giving them every chance to be found by buyers that will more fully appreciate their value. We identify and proactively contact natural buyers via phone, mail, and e-mail. We list properties in all three primary listing platforms, wording descriptions for effectiveness at maximizing responses. Unlike many competitors, we go beyond just sharing commissions with buying brokers as we proactively market to other active commercial brokers in the area, in addition to our internal sales force. We display our listed properties via syndication in hundreds of websites and in Loopnet Premium, which is viewed by 50 times as many people as Loopnet’s standard listings. Finally, perhaps most importantly, we respond; we get deals done. Also important is our strong presence with buyers as we actively attend to buying engagements with the same attention most of our competitors only give to listings.

Lets go!

Getting started with us is easy. Simply contact James Hawkins via email at, or reach him by phone at 786-581-7990.