About James Hawkins

“A true professional, different than other brokers with which we’ve dealt.”

“It is rare to find an organized and professional person such as James.”

“We greatly appreciate the time and effort dedicated to the sale of our building.”

Concentrating on Miami area commercial real estate investment sales and acquisition services of properties from two million dollars, James has a long and diverse commercial real estate related career spanning financial services and various entrepreneurial ventures which have provided him with experience invaluable as a commercial realtor. James was solely responsible for developing locations for a leading specialty retail franchise of which he was a principal, with operations in two states. In his years in finance, researching investment opportunities allowed him to develop an intuitive familiarity with a wide variety of industries as well as an appreciation and understanding of the investor mindset that only this type of experience can provide. He has negotiated on dozens of properties and businesses, as a buyer, seller, lessor, and lessee, closing on more than a dozen. He has developed commercial property, and has purchased and sold small businesses. Throughout James’ endeavors he came to appreciate the competence, confidence, and generally entrepreneurial nature of property owners, and their well-considered views of property values and trends.

James finds that his customers appreciate the stability and quality of The Keyes Company, family owned since 1926. Its dominant market position, with billions annually in closed real estate transactions, and leading market share in closed commercial transaction in Miami-Dade as tracked by MLS, speak to the firms deal prowess. Perhaps its most appreciated characteristic, however, is the company’s impeccable reputation, the foundation of which is an entrenched culture of integrity nurtured by a competent and longstanding management team.

Originally from the Midwest, James has lived in Miami since 1990, originally on Brickell Avenue then later in Coconut Grove. Tennis, basketball, and anything with his children* are among his favorite activities. He enjoys reading, mostly non-fiction, particularly enjoying works by Malcolm Gladwell, Nathaniel Philbrick, and Mark Bowden, and podcasts including RadioLab, Commercial Real Estate Elite, and TED Radio Hour. Finally, as a sports fan, James has “gone local,” following and rooting for the Dolphins, Marlins, and Heat, but nevertheless retaining a soft spot for his hometown Kansas City Royals and Chiefs.

James published the Miami 21 Zoning Code on Amazon for users to access conveniently via Kindle as well as the related Miami 21 Zoning Code Atlas Poster.

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