Commercial Properties Located in Miami Area Zip Code 33197

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Below are addresses of commercial properties located within Miami area zip code 33197 ( profile ).Click any address to view the profile page for that property. On the profile pages you will find the the property specific Miami-Dade county folio number with links to Miami-Dade county property record cards, current versus prior year tax comparison, comparable sales, TRIM notices, non-ad valorem assessments, and tax roll details. Also included are assessed values for the land, building, and total, land use codes, zoning codes, owner, owner's address, adjusted square footage, lot square footage, living square footage, actual square footage, prior sales prices and dates, legal description, a link to properties listed for sale within the same zip code, and a link to demographic and economic data and projections for the zip code in which the property is located.

10360 SW 186 ST, Unincorporated Miami-Dade County, FL 33197
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Interested in a property listed here? Perhaps you are interested in whether this property might be for sale or at least could be acquired at a price that would make sense for you or are just interested in the property for comparison or window shopping purposes. These pages are informational pages only about the commercial properties profiled. If you have an interest in a commercial property of any kind, whether to purchase it or otherise, contact James Hawkins:

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Miami Area Commercial Listings

As a commercial real estate professional Realtor that regularly works with commercial property buyers in zip code 33197 as well as nearby areas, James Hawkins will first look to see if the property is publicly listed in any of several listing platforms or offered as an off-market listing or pocket listing. If not, James will work to contact the owner of the commercial real estate property to find a price at which this property might be purchased. If the property cannot be bought at a price that works for your objectives, James Hawkins will then utilize his various resources and contacts to identify a property nearby, quite likely in the same 33197 zip code, that can be purchased and likewise meet your requirements.