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Latitude One Office Condo Buyer’s Broker Expertise

Oct 20, 2017 - Available Properties - 0 Comments - Standard

With recent efforts to secure an office condo for a customer, we came to understand the process from a buyer’s and tenant’s perspective. We contacted every unit in the building directly or indirectly, in the process identifying every unit that is listed or otherwise available, i.e. publicly or privately offered, for sale or lease. If you […]

Numbers of Latitude One Office Condos Available from $245K

Jul 01, 2017 - Available Properties - 0 Comments - Standard

There are a number of office condos available for purchase in Latitude One, located at 175 SW 7th Street in Miami zip code 33139. Most of these are listed at $338 to $500 per square foot, with the least pricey listing at $245,000, the priciest (and the largest) at $4,397,000. There is a wide variety […]