Buying: Features, Advantages, & Benefits of Working With Us to Buy Commercial Property

How we work with buyers differs from most providers. These differences revolve around our core customer-centric philosophy as we seek ways to add value to the efforts of our customers to locate, evaluate, negotiate, and secure suitable commercial real estate. For buyers, this involves innovative and practical ways to most effectively help buyers locate suitable properties, acting as expert advisors to make the process of securing these properties more effective and less painless.

Searching with us is different.

Sample customized Google map for commercial property search process.

Hawkins creates customized interactive maps buyers to ease the property evaluation process

Our process begins by identifying a buyer’s objectives, location, square footage, year built, zoning, building configuration, parking, etc. It continues with ongoing site consideration discussions and other interactions. Frequently, an early step is the development of an interactive map (sample – also embedded at the bottom of this page) of matching properties with clickable links for each to a) the Miami-Dade property tax page with building and land square footage, zoning, past sales transactions, and more, and b) a Google map for the location from which one can view satellite and a Google Streetview for the properties. The objective is to help our customers find and secure suitable properties on reasonable terms.

Multiple data sets, plus off-market

To find suitable properties, we search in multiple industry systems to which we subscribe as well as our own off-market database, to our knowledge the only one of its kind in South Florida. We also search or inquire among internal contacts as well as several hundred external commercial real estate contacts. Finally, if necessary, we identify a set of target properties, then proactively reach out to owners to generate selling interest. Because some of this information is not public, it is subject to agreement to our non-disclosure and non-circumvent terms at

Extra noggin included

Proactive outreach efforts are sometimes undertaken to help buyers find suitable properties available for purchase

Part of the process involves helping buyers with what we know, what we’ve seen, what to expect. This commonly involves insight on financing options, site configuration and build-out options, etc., and tends to build as we further understand a buyer’s needs. In essence, we try to put ourselves in a buyer’s position, then ourselves, knowing what we know, what we would do.

And then we go farther, off-off-market

Finally, in many instances, we do a proactive campaign to reach out to owners of properties that match a buyer’s objectives. This can work. Frequently commercial real estate owners want to avoid the disruption to their business that they perceive can happen with a publicly listed property. Thus, a ready, willing, and able buyer can sometimes enter into a purchase agreement without the property ever being marketed.

We do this with a proprietary application developed, owned, and operated by Hawkins that allows filtering for numerous variables.  Owners of these properties are then contacted directly, by mail, phone, and/or email, to gauge interest in selling. Most owners, as you might imagine, are not interested in selling, but a few are, and you only need one, albeit the right one.

Let’s go!

Getting started with us is easy. Simply agree to our non-disclosure and non-circumvent terms. If you have any questions to cover first, contact us. We are ready to help.

A sample interactive map for commercial real estate buyers is embedded below: