Numbers of Registered Buyers of Commercial Property; Reading, Willing, Able to Buy at Market Value

Numbers of Registered Buyers

As a broker that actively works with buyers, providing the same attention engagements to buy that most competitors only give to listing agreements, I maintain an organized database of buyers. These range from large developers to businesses simply looking for a place for their business. I have buyers looking for land to develop, others looking for developed income property, office, multifamily, retail, industrial, and the like, and still others look for property to redevelop. Consistent with this, I currently have 18 registered buyers with which I either have some form of written representation agreement or a strong relationship implying the same. In the aggregate, these buyers have $620,000,000 in buying power. If you have a property, I can likely get you an offer for it. Just contact me.

These buyers are all ready, willing, and able to buy at market value. You can, of course, expect any buyer to work to get the best deal possible; I've yet to meet the exception. However, these buyers understand market value and are ready to buy at such, even above it in some cases. A buyer only looking to steal properties is not a real buyer, and thus would not even make it into my database.