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Hawkins Commercial Realty Listing Gets 37% More Listing Detail Pageviews (on top of Loopnet Premium) at No Additional Cost

Costar/Loopnet Listing Performance Report for 1007 Park Centre Blvd, Miami Gardens, FL 33169
Google Analytics User and Pageview Data for Pages at related to the Listing for 1007 Park Centre Blvd, Miami, FL 33169

The top image shows various listing performance metrics for a premium listing in Loopnet for the light industrial property at 1007 Park Centre Blvd, Miami, FL 33169. Highlighted is detail page clicks, the number of times users clicked through and viewed the detail page for the property on Loopnet. The bottom image displays the same type of metrics, detail page views, but within Not shown is additional views on Costar, commercial MLS, and various syndicated sites, as those page view metrics are not available.

Most commercial brokers will list a property on Loopnet, and most will do it as a premium listing. Few, if any, however, provide the incremental exposure that a site like ours does. This site,, is likely the most viewed website related to commercial property in Miami second to Loopnet. For our clients, this means additional exposure to qualified buyers.

In the period of these reports, which is the year to 3/5/21, Loopnet users clicked through to the detail pages of this listing 1,794 times. In the same period, users viewed detail pages for this listing on 667 times. Loopnet generates more, no question. That site, after all, is the leader nationally in the advertising of commercial properties for sale and lease. However, this property, since it was listed with Hawkins Commercial Realty, received 37% more listing details views. This is not a fluke. We did a similar analysis months back for a a property listed at Cypress Creek and found similar results. What does the competition offer in page views on top of and separate from Loopnet? It depends on the broker, but the answer is generally naught or near naught. That is a substantial and quantifiable differentiator, and not the only one, by the way.