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MLS – Miami Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service

A multiple listing service, typically referred to as simply “MLS,” is a set of services that enables real estate brokers to establish offers of compensation, i.e. to share commissions, among brokers.  It facilitates cooperation with other broker participants as it accumulates and disseminates information among members and to a lesser extent with the public.  It facilitates the orderly dissemination of listed property information to better serve broker’s clients, customers and the public.

In Miami, MLS is associated with the Miami Association of Realtors, and is frequently referred to as Miami MLS. Although frequently thought of more commonly for residential real estate, commercial listings are also active on MLS.  Numbers of Miami area commercial real estate investors are known to actively monitor Miami MLS listings.

As of June 22, 2015*, Miami MLS counts 3,140 different listings in Miami-Dade county for either commercial improved property or commercial/business/agricultural/industrial land.  78% of these (2,445) were improved with the balance of 22% (695) being land.  Most of the listings have asking prices of $10 million or less.  However, a number of asking prices are considerably above this level, with the highest asking price set at a cool $170 million.

To view a large assortment of commercial properties in MLS, view our page with links to Miami area commercial property listing filtered by property type, price range, or zip code.  Also make sure to view our Miami-Dade commercial broker ranking page.

*Some alert person is bound to notice the May 22nd date and wonder if we’ve tunneled through time to get this data.  Alas, no.  We’ve merely backdated this to bury it on the basis that it is interesting enough to publish, but not not interesting enough for the front page.  The true publish date for this is June 22nd, 2015.