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, ,  33154

68 Bartolome, Other Country - Not In USA, Florida 33154

Commercial Land
Commercial Land
Beachfront Realty Inc
, ,  33154

1040 & 1050 92nd St, Bay Harbor Islands, Florida 33154

Commercial Land
Commercial Land
Legacy Plus Realty Inc
, ,  33154

1108 Kane Concourse # 300A, Bay Harbor Islands, Florida 33154

Commercial Sale
Commercial Sale
One Sotheby\'s International Realty

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Zip Code 33154 Commercial Property Headlines

Sources Note that the Commercial Real Estate with the Address of 9540 Bay Harbor Dr, Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154 Sold on December 31, 2020

Authorities have Recorded that the Commercial Property at 4 Indian Creek Island Rd, Indian Creek, FL 33154 Sold on December 17, 2020

The Property at the Address 10281 W Bay Harbor Dr, Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154 is Reported to Have Sold on November 06, 2020

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Zip 33154 Data Metrics
Commercial Property Totals
Buildings4,950,226 ft2459 m2
Land3,989,341 ft292 ac
  metric370,622 m20.37 km2
Financial Totals
Land Value$785,742,266
Building Value$185,449,068
Market Value$1,281,965,513
Assessed Value$1,094,359,698
Year BuiltPercentProperties
Prior to 195026.7%82
Largest Lot Sizes
188 Bal Bay Dr285,302 ft26.5 ac
10295 Collins Ave223,118 ft25.1 ac
9909 Collins Ave194,430 ft24.5 ac
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Greatest Square Footage
9701 Collins Ave963,638 ft289,525 m2
9700 Collins Ave583,829 ft254,239 m2
9449 Collins Ave309,292 ft228,734 m2
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Highest Value (per Miami-Dade)
9700 Collins Ave$237,500,000
9001 Collins Ave$72,500,000
9449 Collins Ave$52,200,000
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Five Year Average11.1%34.0
Listed0181 (region)

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