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, ,  33160

254 Ocean Blvd, Golden Beach, Florida 33160

Commercial Land
Commercial Land
Lynx Realty, LLC
, ,  33160

504 N Parkway Pkwy, Golden Beach, Florida 33160

Commercial Land
Commercial Land
Lynx Realty, LLC
, ,  33160

Address not available!

Commercial Sale
Commercial Sale
Olympian Realty Group

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Zip Code 33160 Commercial Property Headlines

The Real Commercial Property at 3363 NE 163 St 602, North Miami Beach, FL 33160 Sold On May 26, 2022

The Property Possessing the Address 3363 NE 163 St 603, North Miami Beach, FL 33160 Reportedly Traded On May 26, 2022

The Commercial Property with an Address of 3363 NE 163 St 604, North Miami Beach, FL 33160 has New Ownership as of May 26, 2022

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Zip 33160 Data Metrics
Commercial Property Totals
Buildings8,989,321 ft2835 m2
Land25,697,833 ft2590 ac
  metric2,387,406 m22.39 km2
Financial Totals
Land Value$1,486,913,575
Building Value$669,001,901
Market Value$2,234,159,757
Assessed Value$1,913,411,257
Year BuiltPercentProperties
Prior to 195022.6%105
Largest Lot Sizes
3,789,720 ft287.0 ac
2,533,450 ft258.2 ac
1,177,675 ft227.0 ac
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Greatest Square Footage
16900 N Bay Rd1,346,139 ft2125,060 m2
100 Kings Point Dr678,174 ft263,004 m2
250 Sunny Isles Blvd362,185 ft233,648 m2
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Highest Value (per Miami-Dade)
18801 Collins Ave$143,591,376
17901 Collins Ave$149,806,396
16900 N Bay Rd$162,940,000
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Five Year Average8.9%41.2
Listed0181 (region)

The above metrics are for data in HawkinsCRE. This data is not comprehensive, is unaudited, and is not guaranteed to be accurate.