1409 W 49 St, Hialeah, FL 33012

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Miami-Dade County Folio Number 0430020000022/04-0020-000-0022
Municipality 04
Township 53
Range 40
Section 02
Subdivision 000
Parcel 0022
Property Address 1409 W 49 ST
Property City Hialeah (demographics)
Property Zip 33012-3222
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33012 Commercial Property Investment Profile
Year 2020
Land $605,835
Bldg $278,707
Total $884,542
Assessed $884,542
County Taxable $884,542
City Taxable $884,542
MillCode 0400
Municipal Zoning C-2 (Hialeah)
Hialeah C-2 Props | C-2 Info | Listed C-2
Owner 2
Mailing Address 13222 SW 52 TERR
Mailing City MIAMI
Mailing State FL
Mailing Zip 33175-5253
Mailing Country
Full Legal (Lines Concatenated) 2 53 40 .308 AC BEG 1210.07FTW OF E/L SEC 2 & N/L OF 103 ST FOR POB N177.5FT W51.19FT TO PC NWLY FOR ARC 24.56FT S181.40FT E75FT TO POB LOT SIZE 13463 SQUARE FEET
Adjusted Sq Ft 5,600
Lot Size 13,463
Bed 0
Bath 0.00
Stories 1
Units 0
Year Built 1965
Effective Year Built 1965
Last Recorded Sale
Sale Type Sales type info not available
Sale Qual Q
Sale Date 08/01/1995
Sale Amt $715,000.00
Second to Last Recorded Sale
Sale Type Qual by exam of deed
Sale Qual U
Sale Date 12/01/1990
Sale Amt $0.00
Extra Feature 1 Cent A/C - Comm (Aprox 300 sqft/Ton)
Extra Feature 2 Cent A/C - Comm (Aprox 300 sqft/Ton)
Extra Feature 3 Cent A/C - Comm (Aprox 300 sqft/Ton)
Living Sq Ft 5,600
Actual Sq Ft 5,600

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