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Property Information

This is not a listing, but an informational page only for the property at , Medley, FL 33166-0000, Miami-Dade folio #2230030560040. This property may or may not be for sale. Information on this page is aggregated from public records. If you would like us to check into whether the owner(s) of this property might be interested in selling it or if similar properties are available for purchase, contact James Hawkins (phone 786-581-7990).

This is an information page only, not a listing.

Miami-Dade County Folio Number 2230030560040/22-0030-056-0040
Municipality 22
Township 53
Range 40
Section 03
Subdivision 560
Parcel 0040
Property Address Not Specified
Property City Medley (demographics)
Property Zip 33166-0000
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33166 Commercial Property Investment Profile
Year 2023
Land $9,172,280
Bldg $0
Total $9,172,280
Assessed $4,994,305
County Taxable $4,994,305
City Taxable $4,994,305
MillCode 2200
Municipal Zoning M-1 (Medley)
Medley M-1 Props | M-1 Info | Listed M-1
Owner 2
Mailing Address 3200 W 84 ST
Mailing City HIALEAH
Mailing State FL
Mailing Zip 33018
Mailing Country
Full Legal (Lines Concatenated) U S HOLDINGS PB 175-033 T-24356 TR D LOT SIZE 229307 SQ FT M/L FAU 22-3003-001-0570-0571 & 0590
Adjusted Sq Ft 0
Lot Size 229,307
Stories 0
Units 0
Year Built 0
Effective Year Built 0
No Sales Information Available
Living Sq Ft 0
Actual Sq Ft 0

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Maps of nearby businesses and essential resources are displayed below as an indication of local commerce. These show locations of nearby Starbucks, McDonald's, hospitals, and schools near the commercial property located at medley, FL 33166. This is not a listing for the property at , Medley, FL 33166, Miami-Dade folio number 2230030560040, but if you are interested in commercial properties in the area or otherwise like it, or in whether this property is listed or, if not, if the owner might be open to selling or leasing it, we can help you. This particular property may or may not be for sale. To request additional information about this property, contact James Hawkins (phone 786-581-7990).

This is an information page only, not a listing.

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Interested in this 0 square feet commercial property sitting on 229,307 square feet of land (both building and land square footage are per Miami-Dade County website) located at Medley, Florida 33166-0000? Perhaps you are interested in whether this property might be for sale or at least could be acquired at a price that would make sense for you or are just interested in the property for comparison or window shopping purposes. This page is an informational page only - not a listing - about the commercial property.located at Medley, Florida in zip code 33166-0000. However, if you have an interest in this property of any kind, whether to purchase it or otherise, contact James Hawkins via email or by telephone:

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