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Miami Commercial Real Estate News March 31, 2015

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Why Miami’s CBD Office Market Delivers Steady and growing positive net absorption has fueled a rapid recovery of the office market in the last three years. JLL’s Donald Cartwright tells’s Jennifer LeClaire what’s attracting tenants… An Idea To Mitigate Rising Seas In Miami Beach: Lift The Entire City One way Miami Beach might prepare […]

Suburburbanization: Coining a Term Relevant to Miami Commercial Property

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In the spirit of classic and irreplaceable words like “educatamify,” “trainify,” and “splendific,” today I’d like to publicly claim a term I’ve been using, “suburburbinization,” defined as the trend toward the development of urban mini hubs in suburbs surrounding urban centers.  In the Miami area, we have a few of these.  I’m going to use one, […]

7 Simple Steps to Owning Your Own Commercial Real Estate Property

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1. Ask Yourself these important up front questions Knowing yourself, your situation and what you are looking for is the first step to owning your own commercial real estate property. Below are some questions that you should ask yourself: • What type of commercial real estate property are you looking for? • What is your […]

Miami Commercial Property Related News 3/28/2015

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Despite Lack Of Land, Miami’s Population Growth Ranked Eighth Last Year The Miami metro area added 66,361 people between July 1, 2013, and July 1, 2014, ranking eighth highest in the nation.  Overall, six of the nation’s 20 fastest growing metropolitan areas were in Florida, with Miami growing more than any other Florida metro. On […]

Brickell City Centre Rising to Meet Growing City’s Needs

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Brickell City Center is a strategically located $1.05 billion mixed-use development at the center of the Brickell financial district. It is Miami’s largest mixed-use urban development, and while it is still under construction, it is shaping Miami’s future. Brickell City Centre boasts an inspiring design and meticulous urban planning that will seamlessly integrate the project […]

Flashback Friday: the Mariel Boatlift

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In 1980 there was a sharp downturn in the Cuban economy.  This led to significant internal tensions in the country, and an attempt by up to 10,000 Cubans to gain asylum in the Peruvian embassy.  The government of Cuba soon after announced that anyone who wanted to leave could do so.  A massive exodus by boat […]

March 27, 2015 Miami Commercial Real Estate News

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American Dream Mall: Urbanists, predictably, aren’t very happy Urbanists, predictably, aren’t very happy with the announcement that the country’s biggest mall, American Dream Miami, is coming to Miami. However, it has prompted an admission of sorts that shopping malls aren’t actually a dying building typology but are in fact thriving, despite the oft-repeated … South […]

Considering Cap Rates in Miami Area Commercial Real Estate with Related Links

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To view this piece in its entirety, click through to the PDF of the report; Considering Cap Rates in Miami Area Commercial Real Estate.  It begins with: Commercial real estate investors and professionals tend to discuss cap rates like bond yields, frequently losing track of the underlying risk premium and growth potential factors that drive them. […]

Miami Commercial Property News 3/26/2015

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ZOM Developing 391-Unit Met Square As Rental Apartments Apartment developer ZOM will develop the second phase of downtown Miami’s Met Square as a 391-unit apartment building, TNM has learned.  This would be the third major project for ZOM in the downtown area. In total, ZOM will have 1,291 rental apartments in the pipeline for downtown […]

Commercial Property Profile: Marquis Residences

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Marquis Residences is a multi-award winning residential development. It won two top honors at the Developers & Builders Alliance Community Advancement Awards in 2007. Marquis Residences is 67 stories high and located in the lucrative and its prime location in Downtown Miami gives it unparalleled views of Miami’s skyline, the Atlantic Ocean, Miami Beach and […]

Miami Commercial Real Estate News | March 25, 2015

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Fun with urban planning: Miami Beach Really Wants to Revamp Washington Avenue A push to initiate an urban transformation for Washington Avenue is in the works. Interested parties are voicing their concerns to end the widely used avenue’s fall into what many consider to be disrepair and tawdriness, with its tacky tourist t-shirt shops and […]

Articles and Resources Related to American Dream Miami Proposed Miami Lakes Mega Mall and Theme Park

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View on Google Above is a map of commercial properties – with links to information pages for each – presumed to be sharing zip code 33018 (commercial properties within) one day with American Dream Miami, the proposed mega-mall in northwest Miami-Dade county. We have assembled a set of articles and resources related to American Dream Miami, […]

Miami Commercial Real Estate Headlines for March 24, 2015

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Swire Trying To Sell Brickell Condos In Hong Kong, Opens Sales Center Swire Properties opened a sales center this week in Hong Kong for the 390-unit RISE condo tower at Brickell City Centre.  Since launching sales of REACH in Miami last November, the developers have sold 65 units, or an average of one unit every […]

Miami Commercial Real Estate News March 23, 2015

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Reaching for it: Brickell City Centre’s condo tower… Brickell City Centre’s condo tower number two, called Reach Brickell City Centre (the other one’s called Rise, which is clever) has just topped off. Like its sibling, it is 43 stories and will have 390 units, 80% of which are already sold out… Bend it like Beckham: […]

Mega Mall & Theme Park: America Dream Miami Location Pics, Thoughts

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At the bottom of this post is a panorama pic of the land we understand, based on information in a recent related resolution by Miami-Dade County,  to be the location for the proposed America Dream Miami Mega Mall and Entertainment / Theme Park Complex.  It is a view to the West from I-75, just north […]