Feb 22, 2023 - 0 Comments - Financing -

Video: 2023 Commercial Real Estate Financing Outlook is Discussed by Mortgage Bankers Association VP of Research & Economics Jamie Woodwell

In this 20 minute video, Jamie Woodwell, Vice President, Research and Economics, at the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) joins America’s Commercial Real Estate Show host Michael Bull to share highlights from the newly released Mortgage Bankers Association’s report: MBA CREF Outlook Survey; Unsettled Markets to Dissipate in 2023. This is generated from a survey of expectations of the most active commercial and multifamily lenders. Discussions in this video include interest rates, loan volumes, and the most active lenders’ views on the commercial real estate market. He notes that the MBA expects than the 10-year treasury, which is most directly correlated to commercial real estate financing rates, will continue to tick downward as The Fed continues to get inflation under control. He notes that the MBA expects loan volumes to be off 7-10% in 2023, and that survey participants also anticipate lower volumes.