Aug 24, 2017 - 0 Comments - Multifamily Property -

Video: Conor Wagner of Green Street Says No Slowdown in Multifamily Supply Growth in 2018

In this brief video, Conor Wagner of Greenstreet Advisors sits down with Matthew Bechard at NAREIT to discuss the multifamily (apartments) property sector. Highlights include:

  • Green Street does is not expecting a material slowdown in multifamily supply growth in 2018 for the apartment sector.
  • According to Green Street Advisors Analyst Conor Wagner, housing starts have not shown any real notable deceleration.
  • Meanwhile, the economics of multifamily development still look attractive enough for new projects to get started.
  • On the multifamily demand side, activity has slowed to be more in line with more muted job growth.
  • Deceleration has been due to slower job growth, wage growth
  • Banks are not lending as much, but preferred equity has stepped into the hold
  • Supply growth relief for the sector will be modest
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