Jan 29, 2019 - 0 Comments - Economy -

Video: JLL Chief Economist Ryan Severino on 2019 Economy Now

Chief Economist at JLL Ryan Severino appears on a commercial real estate related show to discuss the current status of the economy and related implications for commercial property investors. He notes that he does not expect a big slowdown, projecting 2% to 2.5% growth in the coming year. He thinks the fundamentals of the economy look pretty good, and in fact thinks the market are overly pessimistic in how they view the economic outlook of late. He does believe changes in interest rates and willingness to lend have caused some adjustment to a greater degree than market participants expected. Recent events have also caused him to revise down the number of rounds of Fed tightening, now looking for 1 to 2 rate increases versus 2 to 3 if asked not so long ago.

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