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Commercial Property Profile: Four Seasons Hotel Miami

Four Seasons Hotel Miami is a 70 story high-rise with a total of 491 condos in Brickell District close to Downtown Miami. Built in 2004, it is located along 1425-1435 Brickell Ave. Four Seasons Hotel Miami offers incredible views of the bay, the city and ocean views plus an ever refreshing bay breeze all year round. Like its name suggests, the high rising skyscraper is home to the Toronto based Four Seasons Hotel , several residential condominium units on the upper stories as well as prime office space. Rising a total of 789 feet (240 meters) from the streets below, Four Seasons Hotel Miami is the tallest building in Miami as wells the state of Florida. Upon it’s completion in 2004, it became the tallest building in the USA south of Atlanta. Four Seasons Hotel Miami was constructed using high strength concrete designed to have suitable engineering characteristics such as minimum shrinkage and creep by using an optimal alternative to cementitious building materials.

The condos by Four Seasons Hotel Miami offer a fabulous living experience for anyone in the condominium community at the heart of Brickell District in Miami. These condos have an exclusive and unobstructed view of the sunset and you can take a relaxing evening walk or early morning jog on Bayshore Drive. Brickell provides its residents with a tranquil, convenient and scenic living environment. It also has prime residential amenities such as restaurants, markets, beauty salons, dry cleaners as well as florists. Located close to Brickell Avenue is the famous Mandarin Oriental hotel that has an exclusive spa and restaurant. Four Seasons Hotel Miami also has its own private residential amenities that include valet parking, a gym, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, concierge and other amenities.

Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Inc. and Gary Edward Handel were responsible for planning Four Seasons Hotel Miami. Suncoast Post-Tension provided engineering and post-tension reinforcement of the structure. Designed to sustain hurricane force winds, Four Seasons Hotel Miami was constructed using silica-fume concrete and dense steel reinforcement.

Four Seasons Hotel Miami has three separate lobbies. Two lobbies on the first floor are for the health/office club portion well as for the residences of the tower. The re is also a lobby on the seventh floor that is dedicated to the conference and hotel areas.

There are three lobbies. Two separate lobbies on the first floor and one on the seventh floor. The separate first floor lobbies are for the office/health club portion of the tower and the residences. The seventh floor lobby is for the hotel and conference areas. The tower used around 379 million US dollars in construction costs.