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Video: CCIM Chief Economist K.C. Conway Discusses Commercial Real Estate Vectors 2020

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

As the economic expansion continues into the year 2020, we all wonder what can be expected to drive the commercial real estate industry going into the future? In this two part video series, CCIM Chief Economist K.C. Conway joins the show host to offer views on the economic cycle, trends to watch within sectors, and other factors set to likely affect commercial real estate in the new year.

He discusses election risk, noting he sees political division as more of a risk than who wins the election. How the economy has shrugged off concerns in recent months and years – seemingly a surprise to anyone paying attention – is also discussed. He talks about interest rates, sharing an opinion that the Fed will have to cut rates in 2020 not so much due to any need to prod economic growth but instead in order to pinprick an asset appreciation bubble driven by foreign capital inflows in the face of lower rates globally. Though different from classic economic considerations, the point seems valid.