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Get Real; Miami was Never a Viable Choice for Amazon

A Guest Editorial by Wolfgang Tweraser

The only thing Miami / Florida can offer Amazon is that Bezos went to school in Florida and the tax advantage?

Maybe he doesn’t want to go back to where he went to school? Knowing the school system in Florida, I would not be surprised. Tax advantage? Many other States offer the same or better – thus this is no real advantage.

Now we try to get him because of the Latin American market? Mexico is our largest trading partner so Arizona or Texas would be much better for them than Florida.

Florida has nothing to offer to real investors and big businesses:

  • Too political
  • Permits take forever
  • Immigration issues
  • Language barriers
  • No trained employees
  • No real support from local or State government
  • Lots of “programs” but none really work or are for the right industries
  • Lack of real affordable housing and I don’t mean Sec 8
  • Office space in Miami way too overpriced and doesn’t offer anything
  • Outdated technology in regards of Mobil phones and internet
  • Public transportation seems to have stopped in the 80’s
  • Crime rate

I strongly recommend Florida involves REAL business people without an agenda to bring big companies, especially from Europe and Asia to the US.

The promise – pay less taxes – is an empty one because the lack and issues listed above cost you more than tax breaks safe you.

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