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Video | Integra’s Viewpoint 2020 Report: Macro Factors and the Economy; Office, Retail, and Industrial; Multifamily and Hospitality

Video 1 of 3: Macro Factors and the Economy

Video 2 of 3: Office, Retail, and Industrial Properties

Video 3 of 3: Multifamily and Hospitality Properties

Anthony Graziano, CEO and Chairman of Integra Realty Resources, a provider of commercial real estate market research, valuation, counseling, and consulting services, joins America’s Commercial Real Estate Show to discuss Integra’s annual Viewpoint report. Topics covered include their economist’s perspective on the economy, local market growth and national market growth, and expected performance for the major commercial property sectors. This is a three video series covering macro economic factors and the economy in the first video, office, retail, and industrial commercial properties in the second, and multifamily and hospitality properties in the last.

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