Sep 30, 2019 - 0 Comments - Multifamily Property -

Video: Architecture, Engineering, and Design firm Stevens & Wilkonson Chairman Ron Stang Discusses Mixed-use Development in Multifamily Today

In this episode, Ron Stang, Chairman of Stevens and Wilkonson, joins the show’s host Michael Bull to discuss the multifamily property sector, including cycle outlook, generational drivers in the market, new technology for multifamily, issues with affordability, density conditions impacting multifamily, mixed-use development, adaptive reuses, workforce housing, and multifamily construction costs. The conversation revolves around properties in Atlanta, but the discussions of the types of developments and cost considerations would seem to apply just as well to Miami and South Florida overall. Stevens & Wilkonson is a full-service integrated architecture, engineering and interior design firm with over 100 professionals that work to provide ‘Smart Design Solutions’ for all aspects of the design of projects.