Mar 05, 2019 - 0 Comments - Financing, Multifamily Property -

Video: An Updated on Multifamily Finance from Grandbridge Real Estate Capital SVP Tom Walsh

Tom Walsh, SVP of Grandbridge Real Estate Capital LLC, joins this commercial real estate video cast to talk about how multifamily properties are performing ,lender sentiment for financing such properties, and expectations for the multifamily financing environment, including interest rates, in 2019. He notes that multifamily financing remains “very much of a Fannie and Freddie world, referring to the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC) by their common nicknames, noting them as carrying the yeoman’s share,with perhaps HUD thrown in, albeit to a lesser degree. Life insurance companies he notes as competing at the top of the market, but less so as you drop even a touch, with the competitive issue being less offered leverage. He notes that rates for multifamily financing recently spiked, then subsided somewhat, but in any case remain 100 basis points higher than a year prior or so. He notes that if there is a concern in the industry, there is concern on the level of rent in cities, with lenders wondering if there is a cap on how high rent levels can go.