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Video: Costar Director of Market Analytics David Kahn Discusses Office Forecast

David Kahn, Director of Market Analytics with CoStar, a leading provider of information, analytics and marketing services to the commercial property industry, joins America’s Commercial Real Estate Show to discuss the office market. Included in the discussion are rent growth, performance, vacancy, cap rates, trends and opportunities. Much of the conversation concentrates on the effects of COVID, the increase then recent slowing of the pace of increase of sublet availability. He notes that nationally vacancy is at 12.5%, up about 300 basis points since pre-pandemic levels but still lower than the great financial crisis and dotcom bubble. One chart that is striking is leasing activity, with total square feet leased up from pandemic lows, but still 30-40% (eyeballing it, chart at 4:02, look for yourself) below pre-covid levels.