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Video: Center for Realtor® Technology Labs Managing Director Chad Curry Discusses Newer Office Lighting Technologies for Productivity, Other New Developments

Chad Curry, Managing Director at the Center for Realtor® Technology, joins The Commercial Real Estate Show to discuss how new types of lighting can improve productivity, as well as other technologies that are changing the environment of office buildings, and for that matter, all buildings. This is a must watch video for commercial real estate investors as it has tips for saving money and enhancing a buildings environment relatively inexpensively, likely leading to more rent and net income.

  • Circadian rhythm optimized lighting can save energy and improve productivity
  • Generated by NASA to help with sleeping by normalizing circadian rhythms
  • Hospitals put blueish lights in work areas and yellowish lights in
  • Night shift on iPhone and other phones is to remove blueish light that keeps one awake
  • Benefits of automatic on and off switches as offered by Tvilight,, and others
  • Benefits of traffic tracking and analysis by companies like Scanalytics
  • Developments in people and vehicle counting technology

CRT Labs is a research group that is operated by the National Association of Realtors’® Center for REALTOR® Technology. The primary goals of CRT are to track emerging technologies that are anticipated to affect real estate, to educate its members, to advocate for the proper use of technology, and to innovate when there appears to be a gap between what is needed and what is available.