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Video: Don Peebles Opines on the Miami Real Estate Market

Don Peebles, a South Florida-based developer with projects across the country as the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Peebles Corporation, took a moment at a recent Miami real estate conference and showcase to speak about the Miami real estate market. Some key insights from his comments include:

  • “I think the market in Miami’s always an ebb and flow it’s a volatile market which is good for developers…”
  • “I think what’s propelling South Florida in general now is the high tax states around the country especially in the Northeast like New York Massachusetts New Jersey and others…”
  • “Three hundred people a day leave New York City and two-thirds of them are coming to the state of Florida so I think Florida’s outlook is very positive…”
  • “The key though for Florida and South Florida in particular is that Miami needs to grow its talent base and it needs to aggressively pursue some larger financial services firms to relocate here…”
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