May 17, 2019 - 0 Comments - Retail Properties -

Video: RC Analytics SVP Jim Costello Presents Retail Property Investor Outlook

Jim Costello, Senior Vice President of RC Analytics, joins America’s Commercial Real Estate Show to discuss the retail property market. Among the topics discussed are transaction volume, cap rates, and adaptive reuse. He starts by discussing issues in the sector, with some some great properties not trading, and other properties with trouble that have transaction activity around them. Deal activity he states as down, subject to finalization of numbers, by about 20%, with a lot of uncertainty seemingly driving down transaction volume. He further noted that entity level transactions that happened in 2018 have not happened so far in 2019. Cap rates he noted as flat, regardless of any uncertainty and in the face of somewhat higher rates. He believes, however, that deal volume breaks before pricing as expectations between buyers and sellers drift apart.

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