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Video: Seacoast Commerce Bank Senior VP Melanie Brown Discusses Financing for Real Estate

Melanie Brown, Senior VP at Seacoast Commerce Bank, joins America’s Commercial Real Estate Show in Studio One to discuss how to best utilize SBA loans for real estate properties. She discusses how SBA financing in some cases can allow for 90% financing, thus offering more leverage. She also notes that the amortization periods tend to be longer, thus lowering debt service payments and perhaps allowing more buying power as debt service is less per dollar of purchase, and no balloon payments for some types of SBA loans. Also discussed at length is how special use properties common to small businesses are tailor made for SBA financing. Being prepared for the process is noted as important for borrowers, noting that SBA financing gets a bad rap for time to approval when in reality much of the time is due to borrowers not supplying necessary documents on a timely basis.