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Video: Chad Curry of The Center for REALTOR Technology Labs Discusses Emerging Technologies to Enhance the Enviroment of Commercial Properties

Chad Curry, Managing Director at the Center for Realtor® Technology, joins The Commercial Real Estate Show to discuss his organization.  Some highlights of this video include:

  • What the Center for Realtor® Technology (CRT Labs) does
  • How the Center for Realtor® Technology got started
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) and implications for commercial real estate
  • Air quality tracking devices (nitrous oxide, particular matter, dust)
  • How such technology is evolving
    • More centralized
    • Scalable networks
    • Advantages of encrypted radio frequency for devices
  • Productivity benefits of enhanced work environments
  • Comparing the new WELL building certification vs LEED certification

CRT Labs is a research group that is operated by the National Association of Realtors’® Center for REALTOR® Technology. The primary goals of CRT are to track emerging technologies that are anticipated to affect real estate, to educate its members, to advocate for the proper use of technology, and to innovate when there appears to be a gap between what is needed and what is available.