Jan 31, 2020 - 0 Comments - Retail Properties -

Video: This 1982 pre-Amazon Documentary About the (then) New Dominance of Indoor Malls Feels so – well – 1982

Just watching the first couple of minutes of this video, then skipping through a bit, one quickly realizes just how much things have changed in the past couple of decades. At that time, indoor malls had become dominant on the retail landscape, but this dominance had only taken hold in the prior decade or two. Now, retail is on the ropes, with numbers of retail malls undergoing significant changes. E-commerce is taking its toll, and that toll seems likely to increase. Some malls have just died completely, as chronicled by the (some might say morbid) DeadMalls.com. New shopping destinations are different, offering more entertainment and dining options, with a great example being the planned American Dream Miami, a mega mall to become the largest mall in the United States, in the northwest corner of Miami-Dade county.

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