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Scroll Through Google Streetviews of Miami’s Skyline for the Past 14 Years

Anyone that has had the pleasure of driving across the bridge to Key Biscayne, or even better, to walk, bike, or run on it, has to have noticed what a great view one gets of Miami’s rapidly growing skyline. What one loses track of is how much that skyline view is changing over time. SCROLL DOWN to check out these Google StreetView images recorded over the years:

2007 Miami Skyline

2009 Miami Skyline

2012 Miami Skyline

2015 Miami Skyline

2021 Miami Skyline

These changes in Miami’s skyline are mirrored in the areas demographic and economic trends (33130, 33131, other Miami-Dade County zip codes) and property trends, all of which have been on a fairly steady upward trend as the city is increasingly noticed by global investors.  The Four Seasons Hotel Miami building dominates the skyline in this view.  It will be joined soon by a number of other large buildings as Miami continues to enjoy significant growth, particularly in its urban core.  Thus, the skyline seems destined to continue to change.

This post, originally published in 2015, is here republished updated with a 2021 Google Streetview image.