Apr 04, 2019 - 0 Comments - Retail Properties -

Video: Hines Leasing Direct Nick Garzia Presents Retail Forecast & Review

Nick Garzia, Director of Leasing at Houston based developer – and owner of Doral Corporate Center at 3750 NW 87th Avenue – Hines – appears on this commercial real estate related show to discuss the final quarter of 2018, which retailers excelled and which rather flopped and what these scores and fails mean for the future (of retail) to come. He discusses Amazon versus Walmart, who will win, and mixed use developments; can they have too many restaurants? He talks about how Costoco and Walmart and Target had big numbers last holiday season, and even throws in Amazon, noting that they’re morphing into a hybrid with brick and increasing brick and mortar presence. He puts Sears and Pier One into the big loser category, as well as – wait for it – Starbucks, which he submits put too much effort on merchandise, only to be disappointed.

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