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Say What? CCIM Senior Economist Thinks Amazon HQ2 to be Multi-City Co-Sharing Arrangement, Cites Loan Proposal in Process

This video is cued up to the point where CCIM Institute Senior Economist KC Conway makes a bold prediction about Amazon HQ2:

My new wild forecast is – get my red shoes out again – is that Amazon’s HQ2 is not going to be in one city. I think that between now and the end of the year they’re they’re exploring an option with some cosharing entity like a WeWork to say what if we had you provide us with 10,000 offices across five cities in the eastern southeastern United States where our IT, our sales, our engineering folks could travel to and and we’ll we’ll provide a credit enhancement to that you. If you think that’s crazy there’s already a loan proposal in process on something of that nature of the size of an Amazon to do a co-working.


This entire video is very interesting, but this prediction, particulary with the loan proposal in the works that smells of it, is particularly intriguing.

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