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Resources and Information for Miami, Florida, Zoning

Resources for all Miami 21 Zones: T3 Sub-Urban Zone T4 General Urban Zone T5 Urban Center Zone T6 Urban Core D1, D2, D3 District Zone Workplace Info on various T6 zones can be found at the above links, including zones: T6-8; T6-12; T6-24; T6-36; T6-48; T6-60; T6-80; T6-8 R; T6-12 R; T6-24 R; T6-36 R; T6-48 R; T6-60 R; T6-80 R; T6-8 L; T6-12 L; T6-24 L; T6-36 L; T6-48 L; T6-60 L; T6-80 L; T6-8 O; T6-12 O; T6-24 O; T6-36 O; T6-48 O; T6-60 O; T6-80 O: D1; D2; D3. In general, the number following T6 denotes the number of stories, as follows:
  • T6-8 max is generally eight (8) stories
  • T6-12 max is generally twelve (12) stories
  • T6-24 max is generally twenty four (24) stories
  • T6-36 max is generally thirty six (36) stories
  • T6-48 max is generally forty-eight (48) stories
  • T6-60 max is generally sixty (60) stories
  • T6-80 max is generally eighty (80) stories
Zoning Code Links, Properties, and Listings by Zoning District for Miami

Click "All" to the right of any displayed zoning code to view all properties, whether listed or not, with that zoning code for Miami. To view any properties listed for sale in particular zoning districts within Miami, click "Listed." Finally, clicking on "Search" under the "Code" column to the right of any zoning code will perform a search for that zoning code within this municipality's (Miami)ordinances. Need help? Contact me.

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