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Resources and Information for Miami, Florida, Zoning:

Resources for all Miami 21 Zones:

T3 Sub-Urban Zone

T4 General Urban Zone

T5 Urban Center Zone

T6 Urban Core

Info on various T6 zones can be found at the above links, including zones: T6-8; T6-12; T6-24; T6-36; T6-48; T6-60; T6-80; T6-8 R; T6-12 R; T6-24 R; T6-36 R; T6-48 R; T6-60 R; T6-80 R; T6-8 L; T6-12 L; T6-24 L; T6-36 L; T6-48 L; T6-60 L; T6-80 L; T6-8 O; T6-12 O; T6-24 O; T6-36 O; T6-48 O; T6-60 O; T6-80 O. In general, the number following T6 denotes the number of stories, as follows:

  • T6-8 max is generally eight (8) stories
  • T6-12 max is generally twelve (12) stories
  • T6-24 max is generally twenty four (24) stories
  • T6-36 max is generally thirty six (36) stories
  • T6-48 max is generally forty-eight (48) stories
  • T6-60 max is generally of sixty (60) stories
  • T6-80 max is generally of eighty (80) stories
Zoning Codes for this City/Municipality

Click any link to view properties with that zoning code in the county. Note that due to similar naming across municipalities for a few zoning designatons, some properties may be in another municipality (with the same zoning designation name).

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