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Chart: Another Strong Month for Miami-Dade Commercial Real Estate Sales ~ September 2020 MLS

Miami MLS Number of Sales from October 2018 to September 2020 in Miami-Dade County Property Types: Commercial, Industrial; Commercial, Business, Agricultural, or Industrial Vacant Land

Embedded above is the chart for the trailing two years, specifically the period from October 2018 to September 2020, of closed sales of Miami-Dade commercial property, both improved commercial property (with buildings) and vacant commercial land, recorded in the Miami MLS. September 2020 was, again, a strong month, only a bit off from sales in August, which had one of the strongest months in the prior two years. As has been noted previously, overall commercial sales do not appear to be severely affected, though it is likely that you would see variance by commercial property type if you dug deeper. Of course, the Miami Multiple Listing Service (MLS) does not record all commercial real estate sales, and thus cannot be said to be fully representative of the asset class. Nonetheless, given that it is representative of commercial property sales recorded in MLS before versus now, it should be fairly reliable as a tool, though imperfect, to compare periods.