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Chart: Percent of Miami 21 Urban/Commercial Zoned Land that Remains Residential, by Zone

Chart with Percentages of Land Commercial (as not currently single family use) for Miami 21 Urban Zones from T3-L to T6-80

In the chart herein, readers can see that at the less dense end of Miami 21 commercial urban zones large amounts of land are currently being used as single family, thus clearly not (yet) as commercial. More than 85% of T3-R land is not commercial, while the more liberally zoned T3-O (“O” for open, allows more uses) has about 55% that is not commercial. Moving up the density to the different types of T4, restricted, limited, and open, 15-20% is not commercial. The percentages steadily rise from there with most land with T6-12 or greater density zoning largely commercial, i.e. not single family use and commercial zoned.

This makes sense. The Miami 21 trasect based zoning steps density up steadily. Thus, T3 land would commonly be the first step up from residential land. Many times, that land’s time as a commercial zoned property has not yet arrived. This is also the case, but to a less degree, for slightly more dense zones; the closer the zoning is to residential the more likely it is to not have developed into a commercial use.

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