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Video: CCIM Institute Senior Economist KC Conway Discusses the Economy’s Effect on Real Estate

Kiernan “KC” Conway, Senior Economist at the CCIM Institute, appears on America’s Commercial Real Estate Show to talk about the current economic cycle and how it is affecting the commercial real estate market.

Conway notes general optimism, with a couple of caveats, the upcoming midterm elections and what is going on with tariffs. He believes the upcoming GDP numbers will be tempered from prior heated levels. Discussion is given to wage increases, with Amazon’s minimum wage announcement a notable example. He discusses the new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, going into the technical structural difference between this agreement and its predecessor. If you don’t know about this, listen to this part at least, which begins here. He discusses supply constraints following Hurricane Florence, which is even more interesting given this interview taking places only days prior to Hurricane Michael. He talks about how rising construction costs are making it impossible for developers to profitably develop entry level affordable housing, and how this is even affecting multifamily. In this environment, he notes, new smaller units are coming online, including one new development in the southeast of 11 foot wide town homes.

This is one of four videos that discuss the United States economy the commercial real estate market today. We post a lot of information and videos related to these topics. These are among the best, concise, informative, and interesting. They provide a solid update on both of these topics, and are sure to provide new information for even the most savvy. The other three videos in this commercial real estate video and economy discussion series by the CCIM’s KC Conway include:

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