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Video: A Discussion with CCIM Institute Senior Economist KC Conway; Headwinds or Tailwinds for Commercial Real Estate?

CCIM Institute Senior Economist KC Conway joins Michael on his commercial real estate show to give his overall economic forecast and discuss how factors like trade wars and disruption can affect commercial real estate. He discusses things like the risks of tariffs and trade war risks and what history tells us about these, the risk of rising interest rates, and other potential negatives on the mind commercial property investors. He also talks about the advent of companies like WeWork, now the largest office tenant in the United States, the replacement of industrial space as the new retail with the rise of e-commerce, and changing trends in renting versus ownership.

This is one of four videos that discuss the United States economy the commercial real estate market today. We post a lot of information and videos related to these topics. These are among the best, concise, informative, and interesting. They provide a solid update on both of these topics, and are sure to provide new information for even the most savvy. The other three videos in this commercial real estate video and economy discussion series by the CCIM’s KC Conway include:

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