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Video: CCIM Institute Senior Economist KC Conway Discusses Which Commercial Sector Wins Going Forward

CCIM Chief Economist KC Conway appears on America’s Commercial Real Estate Show with its host Michael to present various predictions, principally comments on which commercial real estate sector will come out on top. Included in the discussion are some the the innovations in retailing concepts, experiential and otherwise. He discusses how the bulk of industrial property transactions are actually older buildings with lower ceiling heights, which he submits is a product of the cost of building the newer buildings. Lease accounting rule changes and their potential effects on office tenancy are discussed. Most interestingly, he makes a prediction that Amazon HQ2 will turn out to be more of a virtual/physical/cosharing hybrid, perhaps with WeWork, which was so interesting we cued up in a separate post.

This is one of four videos that discuss the United States economy the commercial real estate market today. We post a lot of information and videos related to these topics. These are among the best, concise, informative, and interesting. They provide a solid update on both of these topics, and are sure to provide new information for even the most savvy. The other three videos in this commercial real estate video and economy discussion series by the CCIM’s KC Conway include:

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